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» ILLUSTRATION: Illustrations should fit to meet the clients needs and should integrate with its surroundings smoothly rather than look out of order. Not only are illustrations important in the magazine or newspaper industry or for children's books, but are used in label designs, logo designs and web designs. Illustrations add that “personal touch” that the client may need for that certain project. Design and illustration need to work as one. dbDESIGNS can deliver both. An entire layout will harmonize perfectly when it comes from one hand. You will get quality that seems to fit together. If you are looking for a certain type of illustration, ask us, we can do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting, a drawing or a cartoon, from pencils to pastels, we can do any style to fit the project at hand and make it stand out above the crowd.

» WEB DESIGN: Yes, that internet thing is still around, and yes, it plays an important role and has brought massive changes to the business world. How do you offer a client a new and innovative web presence that meets their business goals and keeps them standing out above the rest of the millions of web sites out on the market today? What makes a web site special? It’s the presentation of the site itself that makes it memorable. A well thought out web design will not only show your clients who you are and what you do, but can also show that you have pride in your work.