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» CORPORATE DESIGN: The corporate design is one of the most important assets a business has. Logo design plays a very important role in this, and is one of the most difficult to perfect. The right color, typeface and image need to “click” with the brand. People will often identify with the company by its logo so it should be designed for immediate recognition. Get your identity into the customers heads and they will remember your establishment. In addition, a strong logo and brand will build confidence in the business itself, and ultimately will get the owner more clients. At dbDESIGNS we emphasize how important it is to have the proper corporate design or image. We will make that image distinguishable to appeal to the correct targeted audience. By designing that “perfect logo” for your business, to letterheads, business cards, envelopes, forms, folders brochures, etc... with a consistent, recognizable logo and color scheme, it will define your company as unique and much more memorable in the minds of potential customers. Do it right the first time and you won‘t be sorry down the road, is what we say.

» PACKAGING DESIGN [BRAND DESIGN]: How do you get your product off the shelf and into the customers’ carts? With good brand design that’s how. In the eyes of the consumer, the product on the shelf has less than two seconds to be noticed. In those two seconds the brand design needs to speak louder than the products around it. To be effective, it needs to have the proper design, not just to be decorative. We believe that not only is it important to have a well designed label, but to have the entire brand fit together as one. In wine for example, a majority of the consumers will purchase a product soley by the looks itself. Not only does the front label design play an important part, but the bottle design, the capsule design, the shipping box design and even the back label design need to harmonize with one another and stand out in the busy environment it has to compete in. If you like what you see, your heart will follow. The proper advertisement to enhance the products’ visibility is also a very important factor. The right ad in the right place will attract more customers. Let us help get your product off the shelf and into their shopping carts.