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26 FEBRUARY 2009: Moselland's Premium Range is finished. Since the two high quality wines are more expensive, our project was to design them to fit in the riesling series yet have them stand out and show that they are worth the price.

19 FEBRUARY 2009: The relaunch of the Moselland Riesling range is finally finished. The company decided to be a bit "conservative" and add only minor changes to their existing label. These subtile changes add that certain flare the older label was missing.

FEBRUARY 1 2009: Another project of ours will be sold in the Lidl markets. You can find it under: LIDL Winzersekt. We wanted to go with a classical, elegant, high-class look.

30 JANUARY 2009: Working together with Michael Sonnek www.Sonk.de we helped ABAKUS update their look on the internet. Michael is very talented when it comes to flash. ABAKUS wanted to have a lot of those "extras" to make a lasting impression on their customers. We have worked together in the past with Michael with the Zeezoo.de site. We are hoping for a lasting working relationship with him.

JANUARY 14 2009: After long discussions, eCoupons will be changing their name to Frog IQ. The new logo design and web design will be the next project on our list. Look for the updated version here on our site soon.

JANUARY 6 2009: dbDESIGNS launch their new site design. New up-to-date projects can be seen in a new, clean, refreshing look. Thank you Sinkacom and David Stenger for the great help.