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» 15 July 2009: Entspannung und Klang, is an online shop to relax with. Carmen Bauer came to us after seeing us on RTL. She was in need of a new look for her online shop. With the help of Sinkacom we gave her a new, modern, comfortable look.

» 1 May 2009: Moselland's new window bottle "Pfalz Galerie" is finally completed. With the innovative idea of having part of the artwork on the front of the bottle and the other part on the back, you get a very interesting "3D effect" when looking between the row of houses. The artwork and design was done by our very own David Brinkmann. The original painting (60cm x 80cm) will be in a drawing where one lucky person can win it. Other designs in the Pfalz Galerie will soon follow.

» 24 April 2009: With Aunt Cookie's we are proving that we are a design agency with many talents in all sorts of brand design. This is the classical version of less is more. Subtle and elegant.

» 21 April 2009: We are always looking to improve the market around us. The coffee market could use a nice change of design. We designed Black Magic Coffee with that in mind.

» 2 April 2009: After the successful sales of "Trüffel und Wein" in the LIDL supermarkets at Christmas time, they decided that they wanted to do another package for Easter. Ostertrüffel & Wein is in their stores as of today. Thank you Christopher Arnoldi for the great pack shots.

» 2 March 2009: Goldschild, Moselland's top premium wine, is something we are very proud of and feel honored that they chose us to design it.